About Holmes & Partners Ltd

Holmes & Partners Ltd. provide a full end-to-end sponsor licence and visa application service to companies, educational institutions and individuals. This includes checking and advising on documents in terms of visa compliance, drafting forms, preparing applications, booking appointments, uploading documents to visa application centre portals, liaising with the Home Office and other stakeholders on your behalf, coordinating approval of applications and more.

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Our Background

Based in Leeds UK, Holmes & Partners Ltd. are here to assist everyone across the globe to gain legal entry to the UK for work, study, for tourism and living here. They offer their services worldwide with a focus on the EU, America, Nigeria, Africa, China, Hong Kong, Russia, Turkey and Ukraine.

Holmes & Partners Ltd. are regulated to provide immigration advice and services by the Office for Immigration Services Commissioner.
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Meet Our Team

Holmes & Partners Ltd. are made up of a diverse team with many members within their team having first-hand experience of the visa application process. They fully understand how frustrating and stressful this can be and are here to help others through this stressful process. Together they make up a team who are incredibly committed to their clients and to one another.

Everything that the team does is built on trust. They are all about building trust-based relationships internally and externally as well as establishing win-win partnerships. While they care about getting results, this will not be at the expense of people.

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