Any of the services can be tailored to the school’s specific needs. We are here to help

Services for individuals

Visa Applications

Wanting to apply for a study visa but find the process daunting? We can assist you! Our full end-to-end visa application service include checking and advising on documents in terms of visa compliance, drafting forms, preparing applications, booking appointments, uploading documents to visa application centre portals, liaise with Home Office and other stakeholders on your behalf and coordinate approval of applications. We charge a fix fee – so no hidden extras. 

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Finding the right school for you

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We work with a number of organisations that can secure you a placement at a top UK independent school. Let experts guide you through the various steps to ensure you find a school that is right for you. They are committed to find you a school with high academic standards, excellent pastoral care and extra-curricular activities. 

Services for independent schools and colleges

Becoming a Sponsor

We can support and guide you through the various steps in obtaining a Sponsor Licence, including advice on the child safeguarding rules relating to sponsorship. We shall also advise on the correct processes you need to have in place for compliance purposes.

We can also act as representative on behalf of your organisation during the pre-licence approval inspection by the UKVI and assist with the management of your sponsor licence once granted.

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Mock Inspection

It takes years to build a reputation and one inspection to ruin it!


You receive notification of a pending UKVI inspection. Is your organisation fully compliant? Not sure?


A quick one-day visit to your premises to conduct a friendly mock inspection will soon provide the answers and advice you need to pass an inspection with flying colours! 



Let us know your training requirements for a bespoke training session that can be delivered in-house or remotely. 

We can provide small scale, subject specific training or offer training to large groups covering all aspects of the student sponsor requirements and compliance. 

Advice Line

We are a bit unsure….please help!

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Our 24/7 Advice Line is there for all your clarification and guidance needs.  

Example questions:

  • How do I assign a CAS?
  • A student did not enrol. What do we do?
  • How do we renew our CAS allocation?
  • What is ACL?

Part Outsourced Service

You are confident the student will be able to obtain their own visa, but you need help to ensure that the school remains compliant as per Sponsorship Policy Guidance… this is the service for you!

We shall conduct a full compliance check, advice on any missing Appendix D documentation and take the administrative burden of the sponsorship management system off your hands.

As a Level 1 user on your sponsor licence, we will keep your licence details up-to-date at all times, renew annual CAS and Basic Compliance Assessments and notify the UKVI of any material changes to circumstances.

We will also visit you once a year to conduct a mock inspection to ensure you are prepared for a Home Office visit and be in attendance at UKVI inspections. 

Fully Outsourced Service

Breathe, relax…. we got this!

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This is our ‘all-inclusive’ service!  What is included? Our 24/7 Advice Line service;  an annual mock inspection; full compliance check; training for your team and attendance at inspections PLUS we ensure:

  • That all data held is secure, complete and accurate at all times
  • We manage documentary compliance by ensuring all Appendix D documents are uploaded to school databases (very limited access required)
  • We take the administrative burden of the Sponsor Licence off your hands and ensure:
    • CAS and Basic Compliance Assessments are renewed annually
    • Licence details are kept up-to-date at all times and your Sponsor licence is renewed every 4 years
    • And both licence and student reporting duties are met
  • Student visa application assistance:
    • We conduct pre-CAS issuance checks before a CAS is assigned to ensure sponsor attrition rates are protected
    • We liaise with parents and/or agents to obtain required documentation
    • We prepare the application and supporting documentation in order to submit the student visa application
    • We can assist in  booking a visa appointment
    • Act as representative on behalf of the school or student with Home Office officials
    • Act as ACL for all BRP’s
    • Check and report any errors on BRP’s before we post them by registered post to you

How does it work?

As a Level 1 user, we become the custodians of your Sponsor Licence and will ensure that you adhere with Sponsor duties as outlined by the Sponsor Policy Guidance Documents: