Visa Services for Health and Care Workers in the UK

Providing Expert Visa Assistance for Health and Care Professionals 

We help medical professionals looking to work in the UK’s healthcare sector navigate the complex Visa Application Process with ease.

Holmes & Partners is here to support you through the immigration process with our specialised visa services for Health and Care Workers. Whether you are a qualified doctor, nurse, health professional, or adult social care professional, we can help you obtain the necessary visa to work in the UK

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Eligibility for Health and Care Worker Visa
To qualify for a Health and Care Worker visa, you must meet these criteria:

Your Job: You should be a qualified doctor, nurse, health professional, or adult social care professional. Your job should fall under the eligible health or social care professions approved by the Home Office.

UK Employer: You must have a job offer from a UK employer that has been approved by the Home Office. The employer will provide you with a 'certificate of sponsorship' that contains information about the role you've been offered.

Salary Requirements: The minimum salary you need to be paid depends on the type of work you do. Our team can guide you through the salary requirements specific to your profession.

English Language Skills: You must be able to speak, read, write, and understand English. Proof of your English language proficiency is usually required during the application process.

If you do not meet the eligibility criteria for a Health and Care Worker visa, we can explore alternative visa options that may suit your specific circumstances.
Visa Duration and Extension
Once granted, your Health and Care Worker visa can last for up to 5 years. You can apply to extend or update your visa before it expires or if you change jobs or employer.

We can assist you in managing your visa extensions, ensuring you remain compliant with immigration regulations throughout your stay in the UK.
Path to Indefinite Leave to Remain (Settlement)
After 5 years on a Health and Care Worker visa, you may be eligible to apply for Indefinite Leave to Remain, which grants you permanent settlement in the UK.

This enables you to live, work, study, and apply for benefits if eligible. Our experienced team can guide you through the requirements and application process for Indefinite Leave to Remain.
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You may need to meet different eligibility requirements, depending on when your certificate of sponsorship was assigned and your occupation code – some have different going rates.

At Holmes & Partners, we understand the complexities of the UK immigration system, and our dedicated team of immigration consultants is here to provide expert guidance and support throughout your visa application process.

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We are a small, local firm based in Leeds who work with clients worldwide. Our small size means we can offer a tailored, personal approach to all our clients, focused around their needs. At Holmes & Partners Ltd, our team are all experienced in visas and immigration, many on a first-hand basis, and so really are experts in their fields. We can take care of the entire visa process for you, as well as offering support and advice whenever you may need it, leaving you free to enjoy your time studying in the UK. Our services are charged on a fixed fee rate, so there are no hidden extras or nasty surprises when it comes to paying the bill.
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