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Holmes & Partners Ltd recognise the skills that can be gained from working overseas and our team are here to help you with your application process for a Skilled Worker Visa.

A Skilled Worker Visa for work in the UK allows applicants to come to or stay in the UK to do an eligible job with an approved employer. This visa has replaced the Tier 2 (General) work visa. The Skilled Worker Visa lasts up to five years with the option to extend it – you will need to make a separate application to extend or update your visa once it expires.

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Eligibility for a Skilled Worker Visa

  • The applicant needs to work for a UK employer that holds an approved Home Office sponsor licence.

  • Have a Certificate of Sponsorship from your employer that details the information about the role you will be doing.

  • Be employed on a job that is on the list of eligible occupations – for the full, comprehensive list, please contact a member of our team.

  • Earn a minimum salary of £38,700 per year (starting from the 04th of April 2024)

  • You must be able to speak, read and write in English as well as understand the language. You will need to provide evidence of your English language knowledge.

You may be eligible to bring your partner or dependent children if they meet the eligibility criteria. This route may lead to settlement in the UK which our team of experts can advise on further.
Apply for a Skilled Worker Visa
You can apply for a Skilled Worker Visa up to three months before the day you are due to start working in the UK. You can find this date on your certificate of sponsorship.

To apply for a Skilled Worker Visa, you will need to provide evidence of your identity. This can include:
  • Your certificate of sponsorship reference number from your employer.

  • Proof of your English language knowledge.

  • A valid passport.

  • Your job title and annual salary.

  • Your job’s occupation code.

  • The name of your employer and their sponsor licence number. This can be found on your certificate of sponsorship.

You may also need to provide:
  • Evidence of your financial situation – your personal savings that can be used to support yourself while in the UK.

  • If any dependants will be joining you, you will need to provide proof of your relationship with your partner and/or children.

  • If you are from one of these countries, you will need to provide your tuberculosis test results.

  • A criminal record certificate for certain job roles such as a role in the education sector, healthcare or social service.

  • A valid ATAS certificate for those researching a sensitive subject at a PhD level or higher – your employer will inform you if this is required.

  • Your UK PhD certificate or your unique Ecctis reference number (previously known as UK NARIC reference number).

What you can and cannot do on a Skilled Worker Visa

  • The Skilled Worker Visa comes with its own rules and guidelines on what you are permitted and are not permitted to do on this visa.

  • You can use this visa to work in an eligible job, undertake further study, take on additional work but only in certain circumstances, volunteer, travel abroad and return to the UK, and apply for settlement in the UK if you meet the eligibility requirements.

  • You cannot apply for most benefits, or the state pension and you must not change jobs or employers unless you submit your application to update your existing visa.


For a detailed list of what can and cannot be done on a Skilled Worker Visa, please contact the Holmes & Partners team.

Yes! It can be extended after five years by filling out a separate application.

The Skilled Worker Visa has replaced the Tier 2 (General) work visa, however, they operate in a very similar way.

You will need to pay an application fee, the healthcare surcharge for each year of your stay, as well as provide evidence that you have enough personal savings to support yourself. If you have a dependant – partner and/or children – joining you, there will be an extra fee.

Please contact our team for a final quote.

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