Are you looking for an immigration consultant? This is how much it will cost with Holmes & Partner’s bespoke visa application services.

When it comes to visiting, working or living in the UK, we understand that it can be a stressful experience to apply for your visa. To alleviate your stress, we don’t just work on your visa application. We provide answers to the questions you need to put your mind at ease.

One of our most frequently asked questions is regarding pricing:


      • How much an immigration consultant costs?

      • How much will my visa cost?

      • Are there any additional fees?

    Holmes & Partners work on a fixed fee basis – you provide us with the information we need, and we price it out accordingly. There are no surprises or hidden fees, even if your application takes longer than initially expected to get approved. You will know exactly how much it will cost before signing up for our services. This is to provide companies, schools and individuals with the clarity they need to budget for their trips accordingly.

    Through our own, first-hand experience, the team know exactly what needs to go into your application for it to be approved the first time around. When our team was looking to emigrate, many of them experienced similar frustrations you are trying to avoid. When your application gets denied, it can be quite disheartening. By having us stay up to date throughout the changing landscape of immigration, you can rest easy knowing that we are here to get you accepted into the UK.

    When the rules and laws around immigration change on a regular basis, we can never guarantee that one consultation is all you need. The law surrounding immigration last week might not still be applicable when your application will be seen by the government.

    We can guarantee that you will only need to pay one fixed fee, even if the laws change and your application requires additional attention. Many immigration consultants charge by the hour or by individual appointments which are not always ideal. When this is the case, you will need to make sure you have all the evidence and your forms submitted correctly the first time around otherwise you put yourself at risk of delays and extra charges for a new application.

    The requirements can change depending on the visa you require. Your business might need multiple applications or similarly, your school might be outreaching numerous students to an independent UK school. For corporate and independent schools, we also bundle our services into bespoke packages which allow the client to choose exactly the level of service at a price that works for you.  

    Since every fixed fee is dependent on your needs, getting in touch with us directly can give you a bespoke and accurate quotation. Whether you’re a business, a school or an individual, each price is tailored to you so whilst we can’t give you a price right now, you will receive a fixed price once you talk to one of our immigration specialists.