Our Collaboration with the Funzi and Bodo Trust 

At Holmes and Partners, we have partnered with The Funzi and Bodo Trust. The Funzi and Bobo Trust is an extraordinary organisation. They are committed to transforming lives in two remote Kenyan villages—Funzi and Bodo. These villages were once lacking clean water, proper sanitation, and educational opportunities. The Funzi and Bobo trust has changed that. 

Change for Funzi and Bodo 

The Trust’s work provides essential services to these isolated mud hut villages. The villages lacked the necessities for survival. The trust now delivers education, training, healthcare support, and initiatives to combat poverty. They have also had a hand in launching small businesses. They did this through interest-free loans and guidance. The trust has also worked hard on improving sanitation facilities in the area. 

Compassion and change 

Journalist Ashley Peatfield and his wife Sara, a teacher, established The Funzi and Bodo Trust over a decade ago. Driven by their desire to end the poverty and suffering in these villages. Starting with the construction of a small medical clinic, the trust has grown significantly. The pair refurbished an old building on Funzi Island, and within two weeks, it was fully staffed and treating the sick. 

Transforming Lives, Volunteer-Led 

The Trust is now a registered UK charity, and volunteers are the full staff. Ashley and Sara continue to lead the charity, supported by trustees and a team of professionals in medicine, business, and more. Their efforts have expanded to offer extensive medical and educational services. The trust has also improved sanitation, access to clean water, and reduced poverty in the area. 

Local Empowerment, Global Impact 

The Trust’s volunteer-led approach ensures that funds raised and donated reach those in need. With a team of eleven individuals employed in the villages, including nurses, education support workers, and farmers, they have not only created employment opportunities but also stimulated local economies. The earned wages are reinvested in local businesses, fostering a cycle of economic growth. 

Witnessing the impact of education on these young lives is inspiring. We are proud to share that we are supporting a 4-year-old boy born with club feet. Due to financial constraints, his family had to cancel treatments. Yet, through the Funzi and Bodo Trust, we are now funding his treatment and will continue providing aftercare at the Trust’s children’s disability unit. This is a significant step towards transforming his life and ensuring he receives the care he deserves. 

The impact of our partnership extends beyond education. At the Funzi and Bodo Trust clinic, a baby was born yesterday under full medical supervision in safe, clean conditions.  It wasn’t too long ago that women in the area gave birth to mud floors without professional support. Thanks to the efforts of the charity, we have changed this reality. Our dedication is unwavering as we continue to support the trust in their work for new mothers and their newborns. 

Creating Change. 

The trust’s services attract people from surrounding areas. This benefits local businesses by increasing the demand for local produce. This increase in visitors generates employment and income in what was once a poverty-stricken village. 

We proudly support the Funzi and Bodo Trust in their remarkable journey towards transforming lives and empowering communities. Together, we are driving change, making a tangible impact, and creating brighter futures for Funzi and Bodo.