Why You Need To Hire An Immigration Consultant For A Stress-Free UK Visa Application Process.

Are you looking for smooth entry into the UK? Work with a visa consultant to make this process as stress free as possible.

The application process is not as straightforward as you might like. There is the time it takes to ensure your application is complete and the risk of having the Home Office reject your application due to missing documents. A visa or immigration consultant will do extensive research for you on your eligibility for your chosen visa, thoroughly go through what documentation you require to complete your application and keep you updated every step of the way.

Save Time, Money & Stress
Immigration consultants are there to guide you through every step of the process. They save you time, money and stress during the entire visa application process. Whilst hiring a visa consultant comes with its own fee, this will save you a larger additional fee from the Home Office if the smallest mistake shows on your application. Resubmitting your application also comes with the added stress of aligning your deadlines with the Home Office’s approval times. By hiring a consultant, you can ensure that your application is complete before submission with an expert pair of eyes looking through every aspect of your application. You can reduce the amount of time it takes to submit your application to the Home Office, leaving you with more time to prepare for your entry to the UK.

Attention To Detail
Did you know that visa applications have been denied simply because your passport was not deemed to be in a presentable condition? It’s tiny things like these that often go unnoticed that can make a huge impact on the acceptance of your application. Visa consultants leave no rock unturned and go through your application with a high attention to detail.

Visa consultants strive to get your application approved the first time around. They will review your application thoroughly to ensure that there is no faults for the Home Office to flag back.

Be Fully Supported From Start To Finish
You might have a million questions about your application that the internet simply doesn’t have the answer to. A visa consultant has an answer to every one of your questions. They provide one-to-one support tailored to you and your needs as well as acting as your representative. As a representative of yourself to the government, they make sure your rights are protected and privacy secured.

Your Privacy Is Secured
You may be hesitant to share your personal information with an external party. But be rest assured that your personal details are protected from day one. Visa consultants will always keep all of your personal information protected and will not share any of your data in line with internationally recognised standards like GDPR.

Up To Date On UK Regulations
Immigration law is constantly changing and it’s a visa consultant’s job to stay up to date on these changes. You do not want to run the risk of missing something on your application because a change came into action weeks before you hit send.

Someone Who Understands Is On Your Side
Many visa consultants, such as the Holmes & Partners team, came into this profession after going through this process themselves. They understand your frustration, sympathise with your stress and they know that there is a better way to do this. We all want the same thing and the Holmes & Partners team are ready to assist you in entering the UK.